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Cataract Surgery Training - CST

Since October 2021 Collegium Ophthalmologicum Belgicum (COB), an AOB workgroup that unites the Belgian university professors, has been organizing a comprehensive cataract surgery training programme. 

The annual programme consists of :
- theoretical online educational courses, 
- virtual training on the Eyesi Surgical Simulator as well as 
- wetlabs and 
- 2-monthly interactive sessions with discussions on surgical videos and clinical cases.

By providing residents with the opportunity of participating in this course, the university professors want to provide a training platform that is a stepping stone to phaco surgery on real patients in a secure setting. 

- KULeuven
- UAntwerp
- UGent

It has been decided to provide the training curriculum systematically to the 2nd year trainees. Young ophthalmologists are welcome to join the the curriculum for the full course or for the virtual training only. 

The Eyesi surgical simulator is located at
ORSI Academy - Proefhoevestraat 12, 9090 Melle. 
Start time: 20:00

The ORSI training center for robotic surgery has a widely acclaimed experience in surgery training for different medical subspecialties. Training on the Eyesi surgical simulator provides a highly realistic simulation of interaction with tissue in real-time. The pre-installed curriculum provides a structured approach to simulator training and consists of repetitive practice of specific skills, which increases trainees' surgical experience without risk for patients. Evidence shows that a total of 38% fewer posterior capsule ruptures occurred in cataract operations performed by young residents after training on the Eyesi simulator.

The 2-monthly interactive sessions will take place at
UZ VUB (Heyzel-Heysel) as of the academic year 2022-2023

Each university retains the autonomy to define the end competences of the training programme for the group of residents under their coordinating mentor. 

A certificate will only be provided by AOB / COB to those residents that have completed the full training programme.
The minimum requirements for obtaining this certificate are:
· Completion of tier C of the Eyesi virtual training module.
· Attending 4 out of 6 interactive video sessions.
· Participating in at least 1 wetlab.

The Award Ceremony will be held at the yearly national ophthalmology Congress OB. 

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