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Ophthalmologica Belgica Congress 2017

The 25th OB 2017 congress will take place in Square Brussels Meeting Center, Nov 22-24.

The OB programme book will no longer be printed. Download here the pdf to read on your smartphone or tablet.

The OB 2017 programme in your pocket: OB 2017 App now available in the store.
AMICO 2018 - March 17, 2018
Annual Meeting in Clinical Ophthalmology

March 17, 2018 in Square Brussels Meeting Center
COB : ManaMa Ophtalmopediatry - March 3, 2018
Hôpital Erasme, auditoire Jaumotte, étage -1, route 646
Organizer : Prof. Monique Cordonnier
Programme:  Ophtalmopediatry.
Memberships 2017 read more here.
AOB Classic 2018
AOB Classic @ 20km Brussels on May 27, 2018.

Registration mail to AOB Office.

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