French speaking Opthalmologists for high-paying jobs in France

 We PN Miller are looking for French Speaking ophthalmologists to work in France for the new opthalmology medical centers that are being opened.

We are currently looking for an ophthalmologist to work in the first center to be opened which will be 30kms from Paris.

The ophthalmologist will be assisted by two secretaries and two orthoptists.

Ophthalmologist can work 2-5 time a week, as desired. The salary is 1000 Euros net per day.

Successful candidate must have their diploma from compatible EU countries, or non-EU countries with compatible credentials, such as: Monaco, Quebec, Kenya, Chad and Senegal. Working permit will be provided for non-EU citizens.

Once we receive your CVs, if your credentials are suitable, a direct call with the managing doctor will be arranged.
Tel.0033 276 604 068 15
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