2024 - BSCRS / OBAO Spring Congress - REGISTRATION

Register for BSCRS-OBAO Spring Congress - JUNE 1, 2024

Registration is required in order to participate at the BSCRS / OBAO Spring Congress. 

Registration can be done -ONLINE- through your account.
Follow the step by step registration process below

For those who do not yet have an account on, please contact the AOB Office by email

Registration fees, BEFORE May 31, 2024 are: 
- BSCRS-BCLSO members: 90 EUR
- BSCRS-BCLSO non-members: 120 EUR
- Residents in Training member or non-member: 15EUR
- Farewell reception: FREE

Registration fees, AFTER May 31, 2024 are: 
- BSCRS-BCLSO members: 120 EUR
- BSCRS-BCLSO non-members: 150 EUR
- Residents in Training member or non-member: 20EUR

General information:
- Registration free for: Bscrs and Obao board, speakers, invited speakers and video presenters
- President dinner: free for BSCRS and OBAO boards and speakers. If organized!
- Spouse/partner: invitation to be confirmed later. 

Social Event: Info GOLF 
- Golf du Bercuit 
- Friday 31/05/2024
- Tea-time : 12.00-13.00
- Maximum Hcp 36
- Deadline for inscription 05/05/2024
Registration fee Golf: 60 EUR 
Reception after golf included
Only if combined with BSCRS-spring meeting

How to register? 
Step 1: Login - make sure you first log into your account. 
Step 2: Once logged in, go to "My Payments" 
Step 3: Click on the text "BSCRS / OBAO Spring Congress 2024" Since you are logged in, the systems knows whether you are a member of BSCRS or not, or if you are Resident in Training and will calculate the correct fee accordingly. 
Step 4: Tick the box "Farewell reception" if you would like to join us and submit your registration by clicking on "I would like to pay ... EUR". You will be redirected to the secured payement gateway system. 
Step 5: Select your prefered payment option:  Visa, Master or bank transfer. 
We encourage you to pay online (Visa or Master), which is a fast and secure way. If you do opt for bank transfer then please make sure your payment is received before the start of the event. 

Important Notice: Due to venue configuration, the number of seats is limited and registration will be done on a "first come first served basis".

We look forward to welcoming you!
Greetings from the entire BSCRS & OBAO board
more info contact:

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