ManaMa: Ocular oncology - September 15, 2012



UZ Leuven, Oktober 12,  2013

Organized by UZ Leuven, Ophthalmology
Prof. Ingeborg STALMANS
and Dr. Evelien VANDEWALLE


UZLeuven Gasthuisberg, Herestraat 49, 3000 Leuven Lokaal 04.216 - AUDITORIUM BMW 3

One day course in english


On my payments.

This course is part of a Master after Master program that is organised by the Collegium Ophthalmologicum Belgicum. These courses fit in the Master after Master program for our residents, independent of their year of training. However, this program is open for any ophthalmologist who would like to refresh his/her knowledge on different topics. The aim of this program is to achieve an ideal balance between theory and practice.

Accreditation nr: 13006942 - 6 CP


Chair: Ingeborg Stalmans – Evelien Vandewalle

09.00   Welcome - Introduction
09.05   Epidemiology and pathophysiology of open angle glaucoma       
            Nathalie Collignon

09.25   Normal Tension Glaucoma                       
            Ingeborg Stalmans

09.45   Secondary OAG: Features and diagnosis               
            Kathy Hondeghem

10.10   Diagnosis and management of CACG                   
            Veva De Groot

10.35   Coffee Break

11.00   Functional examination: Visual field                   
            Thierry Zeyen

11.20   Structual examination: Imaging                   
            Luís Pinto
11.40   Gonioscopy                               
            Veva De Groot

12.00   Clinical cases 
12.30   Lunch

13.30   Medical management                        
            Tia Raemdonck

14.15   Laser therapy                           
            Evelien Vandewalle

14.45   Surgical options                          
            Ingeborg Stalmans

15.15   Clinical cases

            Luís Pinto, Ingeborg Stalmans, Evelien Vandewalle 
End of session 16:00

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